Strange Liberals

An article for the Pacific Standard from 2019 asks the question: Why is Hollywood so Liberal? This article, by Tom Jacobs, opens thus: “The worlds of movies, television, and theater are overwhelmingly populated by political liberals”. This claim is supported, as indeed Jacobs so supports it with an embedded link, by an article in theContinue reading “Strange Liberals”

A Stark Bickle

Martin Scorsese recently courted controversy by claiming that Superhero movies were “not cinema”. Quite what he means by “cinema” here only he can say for, however venerated he may be, surely he has no more say in defining the term than do the rest of us. It might seem that the opinion of one of theContinue reading “A Stark Bickle”

Hosting the Language

The second episode of Season Two of the X Files, ‘The Host’, is generally regarded as a classic episode, favourably remembered for its iconic monster-of-the-week. Misleadingly, the title doesn’t refer to the creature but its victims. In actual fact, then, there is no single character in the episode to whom the title refers. The host isContinue reading “Hosting the Language”

Bound to Trust

The biggest joke at the heart of the Wachowski Brothers’ (sisters?) ‘Bound’ (1996) is the mob’s laundryman not knowing where the laundry detergent is when he literally needs to launder the money. Violet may be the trophy all the mobsters desire, but she is practical enough to get done what needs doing. And, with no sign ofContinue reading “Bound to Trust”

Deep Throat

The m0vie blog tells us that we get a “ham-fisted attempt at moral debate” in the first episode of the X Files after the Pilot. One might ask what other kind of moral debate one could expect from a country as morally bankrupt as the United States? The US is a country in which its peopleContinue reading “Deep Throat”

Caught on the Key

“Other than my books, there’s nothing I’ve wanted.” Vivian Bell’s explanation to her Reno lawyer of why she wants to leave a “decent marriage” leads to his remarking, “It’s a rare woman who wants out with no strings.” At this point in ‘Desert Hearts’ (1985), Vivian lets this blatant sexism slide. In fact, one ofContinue reading “Caught on the Key”

I want to (believe) know

Except for a brief period after his office is torched at the end of Season 5, Mulder has always the iconic ‘I Want to Believe’ poster prominently placed close by his desk. In the movie ‘I Want to Believe’, though no longer in his office, Mulder is sitting at a desk when first we meetContinue reading “I want to (believe) know”

The Frosted Blade

Deacon Frost – cool name. As a vampire who was ‘turned’, we can say that Deacon Frost is thricely ‘authored’.  Originally, he was – as with all human beings – the product of his parents’ union and his upbringing. However, upon his being bitten by a vampire, he then became the product of this ‘Sire‘.Continue reading “The Frosted Blade”

The Blade that Cuts Two Ways

The character Blade is a half-human, half-vampire warrior of the light. A Marvel comics creation, Blade will soon make an appearance in the MCU. Blade has been fighting vampires since he appeared as a supporting character in 1973’s ‘The Tomb of Dracula’ #10.  But, let’s think about Blade for a moment. Half-human, half-vampire? Well, okay, asContinue reading “The Blade that Cuts Two Ways”

An act of rebellion

Clearly, in the Pilot episode of The X Files, Dana Scully is little more than ‘the sidekick’. Her lack of experience in either investigative work generally and these types of cases specifically provides plenty of opportunity for the exposition the audience needs if we are to understand Mulder’s work. According to the source that shallContinue reading “An act of rebellion”

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